Saturday, January 17, 2009

"The Boys"

"The Boys" cheesing it for a picture - Dylann and my 2 adorable nephews (Trey and Tai). I think this was taken in the Fall of 2007. If I remember right, there were a few pictures that turned out but a lot of drama! They definitely have their own opinion on how things should be done!

Snow Maniac!

This is Dyl last winter when we went sleigh riding at the golf course behind Mom's house. When Maigen and I were growing up, this was our favorite place to sleigh ride. Craig and Maigen brought the boys and we all had a blast. We were a little frozen, but a short walk to grandma's house and a little hot chocolate fixed us right up!

My Sports Fanatic

Here's a picture of Dyl from this Christmas. He is our little sports fanatic. He loved the blankets, jerseys, ornaments... everything sports. He loves football, basketball, baseball, biking, motorbiking, soccer, skateboarding & snowboarding. My time as his mom is pretty well spent on the field or in the emergency room!